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kcw project 3: basic blazer



well, here it is guys.  the whole ensemble.  are you dying of cute?  do you understand why i almost suffocate him daily and he has to fight me off?  will you stand behind me if i do unintentionally smother him?  this is my evidence.  i couldn’t help it.  could you?  soak it in, because there might never be another photo of the whole thing on at once.  this took a LOT of cookies. (more…)

kcw project 1 and art fair preview 2

 kid's clothes week
hi everyone!  coming up for air again very briefly to share some projects.  you all know my deep loyalty for kcw (and every time i visit the site, i am blown away by how much it’s expanding…way to go, meg!), but when i saw the dates this year, i knew it wasn’t meant to be.  i had vowed to do nothing but art fair projects until december, with the exception of using kcw as a break to do some fun sewing for my own kids.  but, this is a crazy week for us as we’re leaving early thursday to fly back to michigan for my cousin’s wedding.  i have the distinct honor of making the canopy under which they’ll be wed, which ended up taking waaaaaaaaay longer than i anticipated (it’s both top secret and so giant i can’t take photos quite yet, but will try to snap some on the big day). (more…)