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outdoor ready: workout shirts


hi friends, i’m over at oliver + s today with a tutorial on workout shirts.  this will be my last guest post over there for a bit as i’m taking the winter off to…KNIT.  i know, what a shocker.  if the seamstresses among you are beginning to develop some anxiety about the sudden sharp turn in content toward knitting of late, fear not.  i have lots of fun sewing plans in store as well for the coming weeks/months.  stay tuned!

ctb: project nine, ticking hoodie

DSC04611it’s pretty exciting when an idea pops into your brain and then somehow you’re able to execute it in a way quite true to what you envisioned.  that rarely happens to me, particularly with sewing, but that is what we have here, friends.  about halfway through construction, i knew i was on to something, and i’m pretty geeked about how it turned out! (more…)

ctb: project one


i would like to open this sew along with this pullover hoodie that has been cut out, waiting patiently for over a month.  i bought the pattern and the fabric (on sale at joann’s) back in december, but just couldn’t manage to fire up the sewing machine until this week.  after so many weeks of working tirelessly on projects, yet feeling like nothing is actually happening, it’s so nice to return to sewing and the instant gratification it brings. (more…)