geranium #2: willow geranium


here is my second take on the pattern.  this edition features cap sleeves, inseam pockets (which she can never seem to find) and a pleated skirt, made in a quilting cotton bean helped select at joann’s over the winter (previously used for this vest, and still quite a bit to spare).  i really like the organic feel of the branches and the neutral colors.  surprisingly, i can’t think of anything that went awry with this one, but it’s very possible i’ve forgotten since i made this way back in april. (more…)

geranium week, 2013!

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 7.02.15 AM

welcome to geranium week, 2013!  this is a personal series i’m running, party of one, to showcase this awesome, versatile pattern.  if you’re a children’s clothing aficionado and/or read this blog, it’s highly unlikely this is the first you’re hearing of it, but in case you’d like to get some info directly from the source, you can read about it/purchase it from the talented rae here.  also, do you like my sweet, off center graphic above that i made in 5 minutes because i thought this post was too text heavy?  i like to look at it and tell myself that one day in the near future, i will scoff nostalgically at my graphic design ineptitude.  but really, it probably won’t get much better than this folks.  so perhaps i should stick to sewing.   (more…)

colette sorbetto

IMG_0480it’s a big day in my life as a seamstress.  pictured above is the colette sorbetto top (free pattern!  yeah!), my first ever selfish sewing project.  the whole process was relatively painless and just the gateway experience i needed to finally nudge me over the edge into sewing for myself.  finally!  as an aside, i am neither angry nor sad nor perplexed in this photo though it appears i might be all of these… i just have bright sun directly in my eyes and intended to crop my face out of every photo, but i wanted to leave just one with these magnificent weeds in the background against the blue sky.  this is the field just across from our house (you  might recognize it from the baby quilt post when these flowers were much shorter purple blossoms) and i just love how towering and gargantuan they are.  does anybody know what these are?  i want to take as many photos there as possible before it gets mowed down! (more…)

“you call it pants” by suburbia soup–free pattern!!

update 5/20/14:  hi friends, i am sorry the links provided in this post are no longer functioning.  i am thrilled so many of you have continued interest in the pattern.  please direct your requests to the pattern’s author, the wonderful venus (formerly of suburbia soup), and she will be happy to assist you.  thanks!

if i had a little trumpet, i would blow it right now.  i pondered for a full minute how to type out a trumpet noise, but i couldn’t figure it out.  anyway, [trumpet noise] i’m *so* excited to tell you all about this awesomeness:

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 9.51.59 PM


birthday boys

we’ve got a fair number of little boys inhabiting this neighborhood, which provides many opportunities to exercise my boy clothing brain when birthdays roll around.  while clearly my repertoire isn’t incredibly diverse, this hoodie pattern has served me quite well in this regard, and is obviously highly adaptable.  i’ve already made a couple for reese, and pulled it out again twice in the past month for the recent birthday boys on our block.



happy mothers’ day!


or is it mother’s day?  i never know.  may is a busy month for us, with mother’s’ day, both kids’ birthdays, and our wedding anniversary (which is the last day of the month and routinely forgotten after all that precedes it).  now that the kids are getting older and i’m not either getting married or having a baby annually during this month, our family is able to embrace it as a time of celebration of spring (or summer, here) with many happy occasions to acknowledge in their own way.


b*tchin baby quilt

DSC04887this is lloni.  it may be hard to detect in this photo, but she’s actually quite pregnant.  i know.  she’s adorable.  she even looks this cute when she mows the lawn, which she is still doing, by the way.  i know this, because the only thing dividing our two yards is a mere fence, so the whole top floor of our home allows us to keep close tabs on exactly what her family is doing at all times.  peering out her window into their kitchen might be bean’s favorite pastime. (more…)

kcw wrap up: thank you!

given my exceptionally rigid schedule of blogging throughout kcw, i’m surprised it took me this long to write a wrap up post!  however, i had to sit for a few days and figure out what i really wanted the post to cover, because this was a big week in many ways.  obviously, we should address this:

kcw_spring13 (more…)

kcw withdrawal: two for the road?


i thought i’d be overly ripe for a break from sewing at the end of this past week, but as it turns out, such was not the case.  given my absurd degree of preparation, variation of projects, and strict daily schedule of tasks, i ended the week with plenty of both finished garments and energy.  and after cleaning my craft room and catching up on laundry (to the extent it’s usually caught up, i.e. 50%), never one to spend a nap time idly, i found that i just wanted to sew some more! (more…)