new adventures



now is the start of many new adventures.  only hours ago, i left my two precious tots in the capable hands of my mother, who must be half saint, half crazy to willingly volunteer to assume their care for an entire month.  i know.  and while i already have an ache in my heart created by their absence at every turn, i have many plans. (more…)

boucherouite washi


that’s actually not a salutation in some exotic language.  it’s the name of this dress.  boucherouite is the name of the fabric i used (and apparently some style of morroccan rug…?), and washi, of course, is the name of this very popular frock by none other than madame rae.  in a few days, i’m flying home to michigan (alone with two toddlers, yeah!) for my cousin’s bridal shower.  i don’t own anything appropriate to wear because, as i’ve noteed, i dress like a slob, and last time i was in chicago i tried on my sister’s entire extensive dress wardrobe and wasn’t happy with how any of it fit.  a perfect excuse to graduate to making my own dresses!  and, in case you were sick of my favorite field of weeds, this gorgeousness is just a short stroll from my front door as well, so i thought i’d switch it up.  have i mentioned i LOVE WHERE I LIVE? (more…)

wiksten tank dress

IMG_1076roughly 20 years ago when i finished my sorbetto top, i immediately downloaded this pattern and sewed it the next day.  i wrote this post maybe a week later, and it has taken me THIS LONG to photograph it.  it’s ancient history now.  seriously, it took this long for another adult to be present to wield the camera and my hair to be clean at the same time, to give you an idea of an average day around here.  frankly, i was just happy to get some photos of the dress on a body, so please bear with me through the awkward poses.  maybe when the kids are in college i’ll be able to get some pics when it’s not 150 degrees with sun directly in my eyes so i don’t have to crop my crazy squinty face out of every photo. (more…)

last geranium and wrap-up!


well, here we are!  the final day already!  you have probably come to appreciate two things this week, first, that this is a highly adaptable, versatile, solid, must-have pattern, and two, man, can i ever botch a basic pattern that i have made repetitiously.  the latter is no better demonstrated than in this final geranium, one i dreamed of for months, debating fabric choices, searching high and low, finally importing this gorgeous nani iro double gauze straight from japan, all for the honor of clothing my daughter on the great occasion of her third birthday. (more…)

geranium #6: dress shirt geranium


you guys, i almost forgot about geranium week.  i’m obviously so invested in my own series.  but…i did my skirt post yesterday and our family is on a trip right now in santa cruz (beautiful), and i’m currently trying to wrap my mind around how i might quilt my biggest ever project while sitting on the floor in front of a knee height coffee table, since that’s the only table where we’re staying.  but i transported my entire sewing room here, so I WILL BE SEWING, even if i permanently hunch my spine in the process.  i’ll let you know how that goes.  in the meantime, on with the geraniums! (more…)

skirt week 2013, a late submission


i realize i’m crashing my own party here, but while i’ve been doing a lot of posting this week, there hasn’t been a ton of sewing.  i’m actually in the middle of a fairly significant quilting project, and with all the mind numbing meditative cutting and measuring, i was itching to just sew something quick and satisfying.  i have a couple of cut projects out in my craft room for emergencies such as these, and a day or two ago, picked up the remainder of the totally luscious jersey stripe i used for this shirt. (more…)

geranium #5: mint chocolate geranium

this geranium also comes from the monster stash my mom nabbed me in india.  the white counterpart was recently used for my sorbetto top.  i received this giant fabric import the same week i bought the geranium pattern, so several hours were spent just cutting version after version with my oodles of new fabric.  it was fun.  bad lighting for these pics, unfortunately.

IMG_0618 (more…)

geranium #4: the little [bird] dress that could


if my first three geraniums came together fairly painlessly, this is one was the kind of project where the universe seems to be telling you to give up and just scrap it.  against all logic, i persevered, and the outcome is not half bad, but numerous times, i really thought it wasn’t going to make it.  here is the story of the dress destined to fail. (more…)

geranium #3: pink petri geranium


ever since i found out i was pregnant with a girl, i made very clear i had no interest in a thundercloud of pink erupting all over my life.  i actually like the color just fine and wear a bit of it myself (i’ve been told several times in the past it’s “my color,” which i think led me to reject it in recent years), but have an ethical issue with the MAJOR gender stereotyping that happens from birth.  (more…)