plaid peplum party dress!


with pockets!  but i didn’t want to overdo the alliteration.  oh my, are you guys ever in for a treat.  april rhodes has done it again.  here is yet another pattern very suitable for beginning seamstresses that turns out a fun, sophisticated, comfortable, versatile wardrobe piece in just a matter of hours.  thank you april…oh, how i LOVE this dress.  (more…)

holiday wishlist


i can think of a number of important ways to spend my free time these next few days.  thanksgiving prep.  art fair prep.  december birthday gifts.  december holiday gifts.  but i have to take just a few minutes for a very important task.  honestly, with all the different prep going on around here, i haven’t thought about holiday gifts for my friends and family at ALL yet, so it took me by surprise when, this week, david started engaging in clandestine activities on my computer and told me not to go snooping in any packages that come to our door.  is it already that time again?! (more…)

art fair preview #3!


well you guys, art fair is nearly upon us!  and we are all but ready.  the photo above doesn’t even include teri’s stuff…so much for being short on inventory (booth is 4×8′!).  after returning back to my sewing room and getting my bearings about me a few weeks ago, i blazed through the several remaining projects i had cut.  fortunately, my mom had an extended visit with us, so i was able to move very quickly in spite of a wave of fevers and malaise moving through our family and reese developing severe insomnia (not in that order).  it was basically intolerable for two weeks, but seems to have mostly resolved by sticking the kids in the same room at night.  now there’s literally nothing they don’t do together.  anyway, i initially thought i would regroup and do more sewing (boy pants?  more home decor or accessories?  more jersey?), but i took about a week’s break or so to attend to the business side of selling crafts.  turns out, that’s quite a task if you’re starting from scratch!  after a fair amount of research, filing, registering, establishing, and branding, i’m happy to say i am legally open for business.  i can even take credit cards! (more…)

guest post: geranium ruffled bodice!

hi everyone!  coming up for air again briefly with a big treat for you…you all remember how i mentioned my friend teri graciously agreeing to co-run an art fair booth with me and all the beautiful work she’s been doing for that purpose?  well, she’s really stepping it up this evening, generously assisting in keeping this neglected little blog afloat with an awesome tutorial.  we are happy to report things are going very well as we enter the home stretch of mass production….hopefully i can make it back later this week with another inventory update!  until then, i will turn it over to teri so you can hear a bit more about her and her background, and then, like me, mooch all of her creativity and knowledge born from meticulous methodology.

ruffledbodice (more…)

to asheville and beyond

morning in the blue ridge mountains

you guys.  it will be two weeks tomorrow that we left for our big adventure, which means it’s been already two weeks since i last popped in to say hello.  no art fair updates today since i just sat at my sewing machine for the first time yesterday and have done little but botch two plackets, but i thought i’d try something different and write a bit about our trip, which ended up being pretty craft driven.  we did lots of cool stuff, so if you’re headed to the southeastern us, perhaps this will serve as a good resource for you! (more…)

kcw project 3: basic blazer



well, here it is guys.  the whole ensemble.  are you dying of cute?  do you understand why i almost suffocate him daily and he has to fight me off?  will you stand behind me if i do unintentionally smother him?  this is my evidence.  i couldn’t help it.  could you?  soak it in, because there might never be another photo of the whole thing on at once.  this took a LOT of cookies. (more…)

kcw project 1 and art fair preview 2

 kid's clothes week
hi everyone!  coming up for air again very briefly to share some projects.  you all know my deep loyalty for kcw (and every time i visit the site, i am blown away by how much it’s expanding…way to go, meg!), but when i saw the dates this year, i knew it wasn’t meant to be.  i had vowed to do nothing but art fair projects until december, with the exception of using kcw as a break to do some fun sewing for my own kids.  but, this is a crazy week for us as we’re leaving early thursday to fly back to michigan for my cousin’s wedding.  i have the distinct honor of making the canopy under which they’ll be wed, which ended up taking waaaaaaaaay longer than i anticipated (it’s both top secret and so giant i can’t take photos quite yet, but will try to snap some on the big day). (more…)

art fair preview #1

i know i said my next post would be the tutorial to make this dress, but i sort of get the feeling nobody’s really *clamoring* for it, so i’m deviating a bit from the plan here to catch you all up on what has totally taken over my life for the past few weeks.  i have long been dragging my feet on turning out art fair inventory, mostly because i am a total novice and unsure of what to even make!  many artists probably go into these things with existing inventory, or at least a clear idea of who they are and what they do.  i have none of these things.  there has thus been a lot of this in the past few months:


IMG_0460 (more…)

little red dress


well you guys, this is it!  the final piece of my handmade vacation wardrobe.  i actually finished it awhile back with some super cheap fabric i picked up in the “silky prints” section of joanns (read, 100% polyester).  between a sale and a coupon, i paid $9 for 3 yds.  nice!  anyway, i intended to use the fabric for the simplicity 2215 sew along that never was, but it was too flimsy.  yet, the print variation at the selvedge cried out for a dress, so, a dress it would be.  of course, to include the print variation, i had to cut against the grain…rogue sewing, you guys. (more…)