GIVEAWAY: great spring destash, day 1 (closed)


let the games begin!  as promised, i have STACKS of fabric set aside to hand out.  i tried to organize it in some way today, and it looks like i have enough to post for several days.  my plan is to just keep the giveaways posted until all the stacks are up for grabs, then i will announce the winners all at once and ship all at once to save myself some trips to the post office, in roughly one week.  when i get to the last stack, i will notify in the post how long you have to leave a comment before the giveaways close.  the only other rules are as follows:


spring cleaning


well, it’s officially spring.  here, that means 80 degree temps, flowering trees giving way to lush greenery, and great produce.  i heard recently on the news that for the northern part of this country, it means yet more freezing temps and blizzard conditions.  i will remind people of this winter when they ask me if i miss the midwest.  nope. (more…)

simplicity 2365 and the dangers of bleach


you guys, i have totally lost my sewing mojo, and i’m weirdly not that upset about it.  not in a bad way, not like i don’t want to sew anymore, just that i’m enjoying a break from it.  the night before we left for san diego, i dropped my little baby sewing machine off for its first servicing.  i’d been putting it off forever, too busy with art fair and then the holidays and then squeezing in all my orders before our vacation to do it a second sooner.   (more…)

simplicity 2226, haircut, etc


we just got back from a lovely vacation to san diego, which was a nice opportunity to disconnect for an extended period.  david grew up there, so we had the pleasure of catching up with a lot of old friends and their little ones.  we just made it in a window of good health for all of us (i stopped barfing a day before we left home, reese started the morning we returned, nice!), and the kids are juuuuust getting old enough to travel more seamlessly.  it really was restorative (lots of car knitting!).  i don’t know about you other creative folk, but i really dislike stagnation, and i’m definitely feeling the urge to take a few steps back and redefine my creative goals for the coming months.  for creative people with extremely limited time, that task can be challenging and i’m not exactly sure when it might happen, but i’m acknowledging it.  changes coming, you heard it here first!  (more…)

grainline scout tee, two ways


has it already been two weeks since i showed my face here?  we are busy as ever, but i was struck down yesterday with a nasty stomach bug going around…so now that i’m temporarily bedridden, i can do some blogging!  a couple of weeks ago i got very motivated to start crafting a new 2014 wardrobe.  i have quite a lot of fabric to sew through, a plethora of patterns i want to try out, and frankly, sewing for myself is much more rewarding than sewing for the kids, who aren’t interested in what i make for them anyway.  similarly, i think there’s a good market for handmade women’s clothing, and people are perhaps less conscientious about what they buy for babies, i don’t know.  the point being, eventually i’d like to expand mohr studio into women’s clothing.  i have a long way to go in terms of pattern development and sewing skill, but the upshot of this of course is that i can experiment heavily on myself! (more…)

first day pjs

IMG_1852 well, the first ever winter kcw is coming to an end, and i’ve got nothing to show for it but these pjs!  i knew it wouldn’t be a banner week for me since my orientation shifts switched to nights and i’ve been a complete zombie working full time graveyard shift and still trying to function as a relatively competent parent during the day.  however, this one sewing undertaking was symbolic and notable, and i was willing to sacrifice some rest to do something special for the kids, as parents are often inclined to do. (more…)

late lunch tunic


a couple of projects never quite made it to the blog during crazy december, and while some will remain on the cutting room floor eternally, some, for example those for which my family suffered through frigid 7:30am photo shoots, i feel must obtain their deserved moment of internet glory.   (more…)

it takes a village.


happy belated new year!  so many times in the past months i have wanted to write a nice recap post of all the notable things going on around here…there was the first birthday of this blog in october, the end of art fair, the new year.  i actually have an entire post all written for my bloggiversary that never saw the light of day–i have just been swamped with hands on projects, and blogging hasn’t been a huge priority.  indeed, over the past year, this blog has been both what inspires me and holds me accountable.  however, one thing is certain–i would never be here today, or have accomplished what i have in the past year if not for this space to share projects, process and write. (more…)

holiday pastille


it’s hard to believe, but if the amount of holiday parties we’ve been attending lately is any indication, christmas must really be just around the corner.  still haven’t quite acknowledged that…presents, what?  this blog has strayed so far from its usual content in the past months, i thought it might be nice to send off 2013 with a more traditional post, and this project fits the bill.  last minute, poorly planned, moderately executed, full of drama and, in the end, lucky, i think this holiday inspired frock is just the thing to close out the year. (more…)

open for business!


hi everyone,

this is more of an announcement than a post, and for those of you following on instagram or facebook, this is old news!  however, i wanted to take a moment to make an official announcement to the rest of you, and as an archive of this monstrous endeavor.  i have officially opened an etsy shop!  yeah!  come see it! (more…)