egg salad with sriracha and pickled onions


for as long as i can remember, i have loved the humble egg.  at different times considered the paradigm or the enemy of perfect nutrition, i have never wavered in my appreciation for this perfect food (except the year i was vegan, during which i missed them every day).  responsibly sourced eggs were hard to come by in chicago (and quite costly), so eggs were more of a treat.  here in davis, many people just flat out keep their own chickens, so fresh eggs are always within reach.  fried, scrambled, poached and meringued, i’ve rarely met an egg i didn’t adore.  it’s among the first foods i learned to cook for myself, and from childhood to present, my daily breakfast consists of two eggs, toast and tea. (more…)

march purge


did i tell you guys i had a lot of projects planned?  see exhibit a, above.  march has been a busy month finishing up lingering projects (5, 6), whipping up some last minute ones (2, 4, 7), and just generally staying busy in the craft room.  i accumulated so much stuff over the past few weeks that i’ve decided to roll it all into one long post, because it was too hard to parse out categories vs. gifts without ruining surprises as they travel to their rightful recipients.  so, break out your decoder rings for a look at what i’ve been up to… (more…)

cora’s sweater: a teeny, tiny, top down tutorial

update 1/2/15:  hello friends, i apologize for the inconvenience, but i developed some storage issues on my current server just before christmas, and my gallery archives have been disrupted as a result.  i am working as quickly as i can to permanently correct this issue, but the process has been slowed with the holidays.  i thank you for your continued patience and promise to have the tutorials back in tip top shape as soon as i possibly can.

**pattern now includes 6-9 and 9-12 month sizes…with the disclaimer that i am currently unable to test the new sizes myself.  i calculated the larger sizes based on standard measurements.  let me know how it goes!**

after so much sewing, it seemed the right time to do some knitting.  i love vacillating back and forth between the two activities, and have been enjoying some knitting relaxation time the past week, so i thought i would share this project.  look at this little thing.  isn’t it cute?  don’t you wish you could make something like that for a baby in your life?  what if i told you you can?  yes, YOU.  when i first started knitting, i made several sweaters i pieced together (poorly.  oh god, so very poorly.) before venturing into top down, seamless territory.  then i made my first seamless raglan, wondered why i had waited so long to do so, and vowed never to go back.  before me, i had a really professional looking result without any weird, bulky, uneven seams. (more…)

celebrate the boy: closing out


whew!  it’s been a busy two weeks with celebrate the boy.  and while countless reasons remain to celebrate this exceptionally precious specimen, it will be awhile before i again acknowledge that by making him clothing.  like any sew along, ctb has encouraged me to focus my attention at specific goals, step outside my comfort zone, acquire new skills, get through some blunders, make some new friends, and when all is said and done, walk away with some nice additions to the wardrobe of this budding male model.   (more…)

ctb: project nine, ticking hoodie

DSC04611it’s pretty exciting when an idea pops into your brain and then somehow you’re able to execute it in a way quite true to what you envisioned.  that rarely happens to me, particularly with sewing, but that is what we have here, friends.  about halfway through construction, i knew i was on to something, and i’m pretty geeked about how it turned out! (more…)

ctb: project eight, blue jeans

DSC04534it’s true what they say–jeans go with everything.  however, for kids and even for adults, i think they can sometimes be a little stiff and unforgiving (i’m a big fan of the marriage of spandex and denim that has gained popularity over the past few years).  a big button and zipper right in the middle of that squishy little belly seems a bit harsh.  you can pick up really soft, light denim fabric from joann’s, and while you lose some durability, you gain a lot of comfort and breathability.  i think it’s a fair exchange, especially as we head into spring and summer! (more…)

ctb: project seven, white rhino


i still have a few projects to get through, but guys, this one is going to be hard to beat.  great pattern, repurposed material (i.e., free), quick assembly, very wearable and the kid loves it…it seems i’ve peaked midway through this sew along.  but it’s ok, this shirt is worth it!  and don’t worry, this face is still happening: (more…)

ctb: projects four, five & six, pants pants revolution


just look at this kid.  i’m trying to figure out whether it’s possible to go head over heels from him *just* from pictures, without witnessing the little magical elf trounce around in person.  i don’t know, what do you think?  at least you must be gaining an appreciation for his keen eye for fashion.  i digress. (more…)

ctb: project two (and three), retro raglan


i have made many pants for my boy, but never once a shirt.  this is largely because woven materials don’t usually make awesome shirts, and until this week i kept jersey far, far away from my sewing machine (although it literally makes up 99% of my own wardrobe, including formalwear).  however, i’ve been building courage and momentum to finally take the plunge, and after the relative success of the hoodie earlier this week, i was ready to go all in.  there’s a reason i dress myself completely in this material daily–soft, pliable, stretchy, unwrinkly, so low maintenance, so me.  it just felt wrong that it was so tricky to sew. (more…)

ctb: project one


i would like to open this sew along with this pullover hoodie that has been cut out, waiting patiently for over a month.  i bought the pattern and the fabric (on sale at joann’s) back in december, but just couldn’t manage to fire up the sewing machine until this week.  after so many weeks of working tirelessly on projects, yet feeling like nothing is actually happening, it’s so nice to return to sewing and the instant gratification it brings. (more…)