kcw project six: dreaming in color dress


perhaps you hadn’t noticed, but shot cottons are kind of having a moment on the blog this week.  they could practically be the kcw theme for me!  and how deserving they are.  it has been a pleasure to experiment with them all week, and now that we’re nearing the end (already?!) and i have a clear idea of what my final projects will be, i wanted one last shot cotton project to really showcase this lovely fabric. (more…)

kcw project 5: classic picnic shorts

DSC05418 don’t mess with liesl, that’s all i have to say.  today, i am the proud survivor of liesl bootcamp, having successfully completed my first oliver + s pattern.  i first saw these shorts popping up in blogland last summer, and had them mentally bookmarked (life was so hard before i found pinterest). in my recent sewing shopping spree, i selected a few o+s patterns along with my ample fabric purchases, and a majority of my cutting leading up to kcw included these patterns.  for months i’ve been admiring their design and reading about the impeccable quality of the product and garment, the clarity of the patterns, the innovative techniques, etc.  needless to say, a lot of anticipation had built to finally MAKE one of them. (more…)

kcw project two: flashback tee pinspiration


if you read regularly, you’re aware of my recent pinterest obsession.  it has actually temporarily peaked, as i became very consumed with tracing and cutting patterns over the past weeks (seriously, imagine how productive i am *without* two toddlers around), but i still love returning to my boards for inspiration (pinspiration, if you will) and centering.  i liken pinterest to language acquisition.  i have a lot of very undefined ideas, and pinterest has put a world of concrete goods at my fingertips to help bring those ideas to life.  so fun. (more…)

kcw project one: flashback tees and some pintuck shorts


may i present to you project one, some basic tees and shorts to kick off the summer (it’s in the mid 80s daily here!).  both tees come from one of the most flexible, and thus, essential patterns a mom seamstress can own, the flashback skinny tee from rae.  i hardly need to sing the praises of this pattern and imagine these will join a legion of hundreds more this week (i myself have a few more cut).  fast, thorough, easy, indispensable.  what rae’s patterns are known for! (more…)

cut, cut, cut

i have lost track of how much time has elapsed since my previous post, because with the final additions to my stash after weeks of fabric purchasing, pattern purchasing, sketching, sketching, pinning, pinning…it’s time.  tomorrow begins kids clothes week spring 2013, the largest (to my knowledge) kid sewalong around.  david has been adequately forewarned of my plans to shirk both household responsibilities and general social interaction for the next seven days. (more…)

stash envy


i mentioned my minimalism recently, but i wasn’t always this way.  my childhood bedroom is full of assorted collections, trinkets, photos, books, and general clutter.  i was always a collector and a bit of a packrat, actually.  once i got to college and had some independence, i was constantly buying strange things because the price was right, or i might need them someday (electric orange juicer?  i don’t eat oranges or drink orange juice with any regularity).  my home and trunk were full of piles of clutter devoid of both sentimental value and utility.  i have always been a big bargain shopper, which is economical, but also made me somewhat inefficient, since my inability to resist a bargain led to several useless purchases.  which is actually not economical. (more…)

why i love wednesdays

DSC05137  when i first started this blog about six months ago, it was purely to chronicle craft projects which were beginning to dominate our family blog.  however, as life would have it, these projects have become a central fixture for me over the past few months, and i’ve been far more active here than our other blog, which always feels like a bit of a chore to update (and was supposed to be a shared responsibility with my beloved, but you can guess how that went).  in a life currently so overrun by the needs, desires, and demands of my two miniature despots, it’s really nice to have a place that is only mine, where i talk only about what interests me. (more…)

spring cleaning

DSC04753long ago, long before i owned a sewing machine, i knew that someday i would, and when that day came, i would recycle all of our used clothing into clothes for the kids.  a cross country move is an excellent time for a purge, and i *love* to throw things away.  i’m not very organized or neat, but i don’t purposely hang on to much.  once i do get around to tidying up, i throw away EVERYTHING.  like, the tiny id bands my babies wore home from the hospital.  irreplaceable keepsake, or clutter?  you can guess where those ended up.   (more…)