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stash envy


i mentioned my minimalism recently, but i wasn’t always this way.  my childhood bedroom is full of assorted collections, trinkets, photos, books, and general clutter.  i was always a collector and a bit of a packrat, actually.  once i got to college and had some independence, i was constantly buying strange things because the price was right, or i might need them someday (electric orange juicer?  i don’t eat oranges or drink orange juice with any regularity).  my home and trunk were full of piles of clutter devoid of both sentimental value and utility.  i have always been a big bargain shopper, which is economical, but also made me somewhat inefficient, since my inability to resist a bargain led to several useless purchases.  which is actually not economical. (more…)

why i love wednesdays

DSC05137  when i first started this blog about six months ago, it was purely to chronicle craft projects which were beginning to dominate our family blog.  however, as life would have it, these projects have become a central fixture for me over the past few months, and i’ve been far more active here than our other blog, which always feels like a bit of a chore to update (and was supposed to be a shared responsibility with my beloved, but you can guess how that went).  in a life currently so overrun by the needs, desires, and demands of my two miniature despots, it’s really nice to have a place that is only mine, where i talk only about what interests me. (more…)

my first jacket(s)

shortly after becoming acquainted with my sewing machine, i checked out handmade beginnings, by anna maria horner, from our local library.  she is one of my favorite fabric designers and her blog provides endless inspiration.  many projects caught my eye (and i’ve really beat her reversible pant technique into the ground), in particular, the “baby in the hood” jacket.  however, she warns in the introduction that it’s more involved than the other patterns, and the thought of making a jacket just seemed too complicated.

but, i kept sewing and sewing and sewing, and quickly it seemed i might be ready to take on the challenge.  a quote by eleanor roosevelt always seems to pop into my head when thinking about sewing projects:  “what could we accomplish if we knew we could not fail?”  apparently, we can sew a jacket. (more…)