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my first jacket(s)

shortly after becoming acquainted with my sewing machine, i checked out handmade beginnings, by anna maria horner, from our local library.  she is one of my favorite fabric designers and her blog provides endless inspiration.  many projects caught my eye (and i’ve really beat her reversible pant technique into the ground), in particular, the “baby in the hood” jacket.  however, she warns in the introduction that it’s more involved than the other patterns, and the thought of making a jacket just seemed too complicated.

but, i kept sewing and sewing and sewing, and quickly it seemed i might be ready to take on the challenge.  a quote by eleanor roosevelt always seems to pop into my head when thinking about sewing projects:  “what could we accomplish if we knew we could not fail?”  apparently, we can sew a jacket. (more…)

baby mania

no seriously, baby MANIA.  in fact, the whole last month or two has felt a little manic in the way i approach my craft projects.  yet, i can’t stop.  not yet.  for the past week plus, my mom has been visiting.  this is lovely for several reasons, not least of which she happens to relish in watching the little ones, freeing up unheard of amounts of time for me to………sew.  knit.  run.  go to the fabric store alone.  really, my mom’s visits are the only time i get a legitimate break from the rather daunting, albeit wonderful, life of stay at home parenting.  how glorious.

goody bags


in the past week, i’ve had occasion to make two variations of a goody bag for two entirely different recipients.  both ideas arose independently and somewhat unexpectedly, and the world between them does well to illustrate the versatility of this easy, fast project.


indian summer seersucker outfits

as a recent transplant from the midwest to california, 80 degree days right through october have my internal fall mechanism totally on its head.  where are the apple orchards and changing leaves?  the chunky sweaters and knee high boots?  i’m told it will cool down soon (i suppose it already has since summer days routinely broke 100 degrees) but for now, we’re enjoying the northen california indian summer in our short sleeves.  indian summer is always my favorite time of year, all the sights, sounds and smells of fall, but with the warmth of summer.  the best of both worlds!  if that means 80 degrees instead of 65, i really can’t complain. (more…)

kcwc roundup

though i’m barely just getting acquainted with my sewing machine, i hopped on board the popular kids clothing week challenge at elsie marley this past week and ended up having quite a ball sewing into the wee hours.  mistakes and disasters aside, i ended the week with a few wearable garments for the kids, and a renewed sense of wonder for the creative process.  participating in such a robust community, with the cheers and encouragement of total strangers, inspired me to start this blog as a way to stay connected and remain inspired to go on creating.

i posted all the trials and tribulations on our family blog, which also motivated me to carve out a new space…not sure my whole family is really excited to read about inappropriate thread tension and seam ripping.  here are a few photos from the week’s projects to kick off the new space.