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my favorite summer sandwich


i tumbled out of austin into nyc a bit out of my creative element.  today was my first attempt at major fabric shopping and it was a swing and a miss, you guys.  in spite of donning my plaid tova and beginning my outing in the fashion district feeling very hipster chic, as soon as i stepped into a hardcore fabric store and was surrounded by much younger, much hipper, much more tattooed, pierced, bleached, and tighter pants wearing aspiring designers than myself, seemingly buff for no other reason than hauling gigantic spools of fabric from impossibly high shelves, i felt timid and disorganized and left totally empty handed.  so today, i’m going to talk about tomatoes. (more…)

happy mothers’ day!


or is it mother’s day?  i never know.  may is a busy month for us, with mother’s’ day, both kids’ birthdays, and our wedding anniversary (which is the last day of the month and routinely forgotten after all that precedes it).  now that the kids are getting older and i’m not either getting married or having a baby annually during this month, our family is able to embrace it as a time of celebration of spring (or summer, here) with many happy occasions to acknowledge in their own way.


egg salad with sriracha and pickled onions


for as long as i can remember, i have loved the humble egg.  at different times considered the paradigm or the enemy of perfect nutrition, i have never wavered in my appreciation for this perfect food (except the year i was vegan, during which i missed them every day).  responsibly sourced eggs were hard to come by in chicago (and quite costly), so eggs were more of a treat.  here in davis, many people just flat out keep their own chickens, so fresh eggs are always within reach.  fried, scrambled, poached and meringued, i’ve rarely met an egg i didn’t adore.  it’s among the first foods i learned to cook for myself, and from childhood to present, my daily breakfast consists of two eggs, toast and tea. (more…)



today i thought i would share some snippets of what’s really been occupying my time and attention since christmas.  all these posts you’ve been reading?  they were carefully archived over the holidays so that i could continue posting as i worked slowly and methodically on executing a rather significant event that, in a night, has come and gone in a flash of friends, flowers, and flan. (more…)

meyer lemon cake

PicMonkey Collage

there are many things to enjoy in northern california winters , particularly if you recently transplanted from the midwest.  with occasional rain, the rolling yellow hills turn lush and green.  temperatures continue to rest comfortably in the 50s (at least) with clear, blue skies. walks to the park, picnics in the yard, and flip flops remain a daily reality for us.  and as though this winter environment that smites any midwestern spring were not enough, northern california has one final bastion of eternal sunshine…the citrus fruit. (more…)

convert brownies


we are not truly a dessert family.  i do enjoy ending my meals with something sweet, usually a few dark chocolate chips, but we try to steer the kids clear of desserts and david doesn’t much care for them at all.   i have made it a bit of a personal crusade to revise favorite desserts into something appropriate for all of us to eat–substituting whole grain flours for refined, unsaturated fats for saturated, hiding all manner of fruits and vegetables within.  our “desserts” are thus almost all some version of a power muffin, just slightly sweet, hearty, and satisfying.  some people really enjoy this spin on sweets (thankfully, my family included), but best as i try to hide little punches of nutrition, true dessert connoisseurs can sniff me out without much effort, and generally don’t approve. (more…)

december miscellaneous


i just spelled miscellaneous correctly on the first try.  it’s going to be a good day.  anyhow, i realize it’s christmas eve and there are a multitude of other things i could be doing as there’s no urgency to blog.  however, i have a little window (many visitors=many babysitters) where i can toss up a quick one about some of the things keeping us busy this december and the great tutorials/patterns to go along with them. (more…)

cheesy broccoli quinoa

before i make a formal social media announcement about the streamlining of my cooking blog with craft blogging, i figured i’d better eek out a recipe to maintain the attention of my foodie followers.  what better way to introduce cooking on this blog than with a dish that happily encompasses everything i aimed to accomplish at beans n greens, not to mention what i always strive to achieve at home:  fast, easy, tasty for adults and kids, and affordable.  so, if you’re asking yourself “what’s for dinner” (or lunch, or breakfast), look no further. (more…)