Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetyou guys.  i am totally blown away by the response i got on my last post.  here i thought it was just my mom and her three friends reading/interested!  i am so completely flattered/touched/encouraged/inspired by all of your incredibly thoughtful comments and your outpouring of support.  while i get the sense that i might look back on this as a total “duh” decision, as we all know, sometimes (always?) even the most obvious answers just take the work to get to, and there’s no way around it, and we are enriched and emboldened by that journey.  mine is so full of promise and hope and excitement each day.  really, i feel like the luckiest gal alive.  but it’s also scary and nerve wracking at first, and you can’t imagine the confidence and comfort i feel knowing not only how much you all stand in solidarity, but also how much these struggles and challenges, wishes and dreams resonate with so many people at so many stages in their lives.

i am so excited to share this journey with you, and already there’s much to tell–as though all i needed to do was put it in writing to make it real, in the days since my previous post i have met many people and sheep, attended lectures, read books and designed, and watched the beautiful puddle of yarn above grow almost into a lovely hat at my fingertips.  i will tell all of these stories, each and every one.  i just wanted to stop in again and give a deep, heartfelt thanks to all of you for your uplifting words and energy.  THANK YOU!  more soon.


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  1. Ditto teaching!! I threw in the towel in the summer and feel like I now have a life. I started a pet care business and of course pursue crafting. I was too old to take the crap of constant observation, checking up, low level criticism, aggressive parents and trying to cope with children with behaviour problems and children who couldn’t speak English in a system that is prescriptive and stifles creativity – the children’s and mine! I was too young to “hang in there” for the pension…so yey have taken the leap and closed the door behind me. Good luck to you I admire your bravery, integrity, your creativity and you write so eloquently. Thank you for your “rant”!

    • hi antonia, yes! so many parallels between teaching and nursing, right? i feel like in both careers, the person at the center of it usually just wants to do a good job/make a difference/help people, and has to jump through so many hoops, we just get burned out. unfortunately, it’s the students/patients who suffer. congratulations on also making the best decision for you, and pursuing a more rewarding and sustainable lifestyle!

  2. My aunt was a nurse and a single mom. She was a great nurse with a heart of gold who truly cared about her patients. Her experiences were very similar to yours and it almost killed her. Her spirit was crushed beyond recognition and she eventually had a nervous breakdown. Now she has Alzheimer’s and a devoted husband who gently cares for her. Knitting may be frustrating at times but it does not destroy us emotionally. Sounds like you made the most life-affirming decision. Good for you!

    • hi tina, what an unfortunate story about your aunt. i think that there’s a precarious overlap between personality traits that make good nurses (sensitivity, empathy, open heartedness) that ironically make it very difficult to survive in the stressful, unsupportive, eat-your-young environment so many nurses must work in. i am so sorry about her experience but glad to hear she has a loving caregiver. i do think my decision stands to benefit me in ways i’m not yet anticipating!

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