you guys.  stoked to announce a little blogging series beginning today over at oliver + s.  it’s been an idea several months in the making, and today is my first official post on sewing outdoor apparel for the kiddos using oliver + s patterns.  you can expect to read about minor tweaks to the patterns to make them prime for adventuring, as well as tips on selecting, sewing, and caring for different performance fabrics.  first up, hiking shirts!



i have so much behind the scenes goodness i want to share here, like my outdoor fabric immersion experience in portland back in june, and various other goings on around here.  for reasons i can divulge when it’s a little less crazy, this summer has been CRAZY, and getting this post set and ready to go on time required all hands on deck–full time childcare, very late nights and early mornings, falling asleep with the iron on, waking up in a puddle of drool on my computer, and generally burning the candle at both ends and everywhere in between.  but we narrowly pulled it off!




part of the complication is the recent adoption of our new puppy, mishka, who arrived on zero notice the evening of my 30 birthday last week.  the two events are unrelated.  mishka means “teddy bear” in russian, so we are told, which seems fitting as she easily passes for a stuffed toy.  except she pees everywhere.  new puppy+20 out of town guests+full time job+two small children makes for a very, very long week.  but now the weeks is done, the post is done, mishka peeing on the carpet every 3 minutes is done, and today i have a day off.  life is good, folks.


mishka was an eager participant in this photo shoot, as you can see.  her chasing the kids through the tall grass = f bomb precious.


i have one more really hectic month ahead, and then my professional life is once again up in the air, but that should allow for some long overdue catch up time on the old blog.  pardon my scarcity for the next couple of weeks.  i will check back when i can!


in the meantime, hop on over to oliver + s to read all the details on how to whip up some sweet hiking shirts for your own little campers!

4 Comments on introducing outdoor ready (and mishka)

    • thank you!! oh, i love my outdoor apparel. i half live in the running gear, some of which i’ve had for years. i have a couple of key investment pieces that i use for outdoor activities that have paid for themselves 100x over. it’s really makes a difference in comfort level outside! btw, we officially spelled our dog’s name wrong. we are not russian, but we are sleep deprived.

  1. yay! Congrats on your O & S posting – so exciting! Great hiking shirts – love the chest pocket on the bias:) Also wanted to say best of luck as you navigate this crazy busy month with juggling work and life. Hopefully the end is in sight and you’re hanging in there just fine:)

    • thank you, lucinda! my crazy month is coming to an end, thankfully. the hiking shirts have been awesome. the kids love to wear them and they are perfect for outdoor play–they never get dirty!

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