i know.  this skirt is quite outside my usual aesthetic.  remember how i throw everything away? how i hate collections of things?  how i pathologically purge anything resembling a pile?  recently, i even bestowed a good portion of my fabric shelves to you guys.  partially, that was to make room for the yards (and yards, and yards) of fabric i just bought to support my women’s line.  shopping for business is so tough when you’re a small, one person operation.  you never know what if anything will sell, and if you don’t have extra on hand, you risk fabric discontinuation (as happened in my most popular girl’s dress, which has to be retired).  if you buy a ton and nothing sells………you just have a ton of fabric.  which is an issue if you HATE PILES.

anyway, i ordered a frightening amount of double gauze, as i mentioned, from this lovely korean vendor.  and as a little thank you for my purchase, she sent me half a yard of this crazy balloon fabric!  i laughed when i got it because i was literally in the middle of paying to get rid of fabric i couldn’t use, and more just landed on my doorstep.  i resolved to make use of it somehow, and if there is ONE person in my life who would love little asian girls holding bunches of bright, multicolored balloons, it is my daughter, whose tastes could not be farther from my own (but are quite aligned with most children, to be fair).

seeing as she has a birthday coming up (four, what?!), and i got burned out shrinking women’s patterns to her size for no tangible reason yesterday, i decided to take it easy on the mini me thing and make a simple, layered rectangle skirt.  there is a double layer of pale yellow voile underneath, one layer of which is a selvedge edge so i didn’t even bother hemming it.  it doesn’t have quite the body and flounce i love about gathered voile with that layer of quilting cotton on top, but if you’re going to have girls with balloons, you kind of need to flaunt it, right?    cherie has a great tutorial on making simple skirts like these.

obviously, no modeling since this will be a surprise!  i was about ready to call it a day on kcw since i really need to start working on my next women’s piece (those imaginary deadlines are looming), but then i got a bunch of japanese fabric in the mail today, so, if i get called off work tomorrow, there just may be another project left in me :)

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    • same here! i was like, i ordered about 50 yards of grey, light grey, and dark grey fabric. how and why would it ever seem i would be interested in girls with balloons? but, it was a kind gesture and honestly i think bean will love it.

  1. It did seem somewhat misguided gift but perhaps she somehow divined that you had a daughter that might like something non-grey! :)
    It is a super cute skirt and very birthday-ish! hope she has a lovely day.

    • ha! divined indeed. my daughter is definitely the one who benefitted. can’t argue with balloons for a birthday, and these are at least more environmentally friendly, right?

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