i’m a list person.  i love to make them, i love to check items off, i love to complete them and throw them away.  currently, i have six evolving to-do lists pertaining only to my crafts.  between the shop, the blog, product development and refinement, photography, advertising, shopping, gift making, etc, there always seems to be a steady stream of tasks to carry out in my sewing room.  with roughly three hours a day to complete parts here and there of these tasks, i need every minute i can hoard to get to these lists.  as a result, i don’t always have as much time as i’d like to just play, and do fun things–such is the sacrifice when your hobby becomes your job, right?  making clothes for bean NEVER gets on a list–too impractical; she’ll never wear them.  and kids clothes week has sadly been cut from the list a few seasons running now, too, as much as i enjoy it.

while my six lists are teeming, and i have an overwhelming amount of projects in various stages of completion, i decided it might be restorative to take a couple of my precious sewing hours to jump in on kcw just a bit.  the theme this season is “mini me,” and what do i love more than shrinking adult clothing into kid garments?!  it’s kind of my thing (and largely responsible for why i can’t sell many kid clothes, i think).  so, while my lists are calling to me urgently, i figured i could in the scheme of things afford a couple of days to just have fun before i go back to work on my upcoming women’s line (since my deadlines are strictly self imposed, anyway…), and maybe if the shrinks go well, i can put those in the shop, too!

you may remember seeing this top in my previous post (except on a hanger vs. a beach ;)):


last night, i drafted a bean sized version, knowing it was purely so she could model it, and not expecting her to wear it beyond a heavily bribed photo. IMG_5408

i was shocked when she was really excited about the shirt this morning, and ASKED to wear it today!  she put it on for the 90 second photo shoot (first she had to go show her dad, then took a picture), and surprisingly, hasn’t taken it off!IMG_5410

and in the spirit of kcw, here are some details on construction.  just like the adult version, the top is a stretch lace, shockingly from joann’s.  i have been hunting for the right stretch lace to use in my garments for months, and couldn’t believe i found it there.  i need to stock up!  the body is a really nice solid double gauze from here.  i made the bodice with tons of ease in an a-line shape with a slightly curved drop hem, just like the original, in more of a tunic length, with some gathering at the center front and back. i fortunately remembered to cut the lace high enough that it wouldn’t be a peep show, but i think i could cut it even a bit higher to be on the safe side.  because of the ease and stretchy top, it goes on easily without any closures.  it came together very quickly with minimal finishing–my kind of kid project!


IMG_5415and that’s it!  we’ll see if i can shrink another before the week is through.

6 Comments on kids clothes week: mini me

  1. I love that there’s no closures, buttons, snaps…kids clothes need to be easy on easy off. Way cute mini me!

    • thanks!! unfortunately, the lighting was all wrong for a real photo shoot, but i wanted to get at least one pic per garment on an actual body. i’m loving the convenience of short hair myself–cutting it again this week!

  2. oh my goodness – the cuteness!! love both versions (because when you’re working with chambray, how can you go wrong?!)

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