does this look familiar to you?  my very patient, very destructive little royals at the end of a crazy three day sewing spree earlier this week.

thanks so much to all who commented in the fabric giveaways!  it was a real pleasure reading about what you do when you’re not crafting up a storm; we’ll have to do that again sometime.  really, i was tempted to just give a single cut of fabric to every last one of you, but that’s not quite what you signed up for.  i also have more fabric to hand out eventually (and patterns, which i totally forgot about until now), but shipping costs were quickly adding up and i got totally preoccupied with my new big project……….


women’s wear!  i’ve been wanting to develop some pieces for a really long time, and for months i had a goal of a spring release.  i’m a bit behind as these are prototypes, but i got a lot of new fabric in over the past few weeks (hence the purging to create shelf space), and that was just the inspiration i needed to sit for a few days and sketch/design/draft/cut/sew/rip/cut/resew this past week.  i stopped at four (i have to constantly remind myself less is more) to regroup, and for now, i’m really happy with these basic, simple pieces.  they are all light, flowy, classic yet modern–perfect for summer.  still need a little tweaking, but the aesthetic is what i was going for, and they’re definitely wearable as they are.  what do you think?!

we are headed out of town for a few days tomorrow morning…giveaway winners have been contacted via email.  thank you again for playing along, and i promise you there will be more giveaways to come, of fabric, patterns, and a few hand sewn pieces that i’m ready to rotate out of my wardrobe and would love to be inherited by people who appreciate them!  i have plans to post a photo tutorial of a new women’s accessory i’m adding to the shop as well, so you’ll all get a consolation prize soon!  off to pack.


8 Comments on giveaways closed, new projects forthcoming

    • i started with a pattern and then hated how it came out, and naturally had to scrap it and redesign. of course, being fairly novice to this i created numerous problems for myself, so i have some assigned reading on pattern drafting to take on my trip and am signed up for an online class. i LOVE the chambray dress! i cut it before i redrafted and thought i’d have to scrap the whole thing, but it was salvageable after adding the color block band at the bottom. i will definitely announce when it’s all in the shop!

    • oh, thank you ginny! it has been a really interesting and fun year defining my aesthetic. you will definitely hear it here first when the women’s wear goes up in the shop!

  1. Isn’t it great when a “mistake” leads to an even better end product? That color blocked blue dress is my favorite too! Though honestly I could see anyone of these in my closet. Love the curved front bodice piece – and kudos to you for having the patience and knowledge to draft all these!

    • thank you, lucinda! i was really, really hoping that would be the case here, since i have been stalking that dot chambray for a year and it is ALWAYS sold out. i was totally mortified when i realized the cut was bad. i can’t decide if i like it better with or without the colorblock bottom, but others seem to really like it! it is hands down the most comfortable to wear. i hadn’t sewn chambray before and now i want to cover myself and every surface of my house in it.

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