ok, so i technically missed day 2.  we have visitors from out of town all week and have really not been home at all, so it’s tough to find a minute to take pics of my crazy stacks of fabric and get them posted!  today, in the interest of time, you get blurry iphone photos, but you get the idea.  and for fellow wordpress users, WHAT happened to the embedded photo editor?!  i hate whatever is happening right now, and it seems permanent.  i don’t handle change well.photoanyway, here are some eyelets for you–2 yards of the greenish floral, about 1 yard of the bright pink (better photographed here) and a choppy 1 yard or so of the white, which is embroidered but not actually eyelet (seen here).  the pink and white fabrics are part of my india stash!  all 100% cotton, great for spring and summer garments.

photo copy 2

i also have one yard each of the above floral quilting weight cottons (maybe 3/4 yd of the blue and red).  these would be great for children’s garments, linens, bag/pouch linings, etc.  i used these often for bean’s clothing when i still sewed for her and they have held up great.

leave one comment below if you’re interested…why don’t you tell me about your favorite vacation spot, if you’re so inclined.  i love thinking about vacation!  again, i will keep posting fabric all week, and i will let you know when i’m 24 hours out from closing all the giveaways.


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  1. Wow, I just find out about the give away. Thank you for your kind thoughts on it. I will be commenting on the fabrics I will gladly love to have. I’m loving the eyelets.

  2. Oh, I love eyelets! I live in Paris and my favorite vacation spot is on the French Atlantic coast, in Vendee. It’s great for relaxing and for surfing.

  3. Fun fabrics. The eyelets are perfect for summer clothes and the florals would be perfect for some prairie bonnets. For some reason, the girls in my daughter’s first grade class are all obsessed with pioneer times. There are some birthdays coming up and bonnets would be fun to make.

    For vacation, we’ve been most recently to Oahu and Washington DC, both of which the kids loved.

    • ha! how funny. i guess we were kind of into pioneer times in grade school as well, with oregon trail and little house on the prairie. bonnets would be totally cute.

  4. Ashley, you amaze me! When I met you, you were a master of knitting and now you are a master of sewing too! I love your style it’s very cool and casual, yet stunningly beautiful to the eye. Keep it up, you are an inspiration to me! I love the florals!y favorite vacation spot has been the Smokey Mountains. Hikes with amazing waterfalls and breathtaking views. Allen and I have dreams of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail. You guys should join us!

    • hi heather! you are so sweet. we were just talking about you guys. we miss you! when are you coming to visit?! oh, we would LOVE to hike the appalachian trail! we have often talked about biking it in the fall…it’s definitely on the short list. come see us soon, please!

  5. What fun fabrics you are giving away! I would love a chance at the green eyelet. My favourite vacation spot has got to be Costa Rica. A perfect mixture of beach time and hiking adventures in rainforests. Plus the food is quite good and the people are super friendly. It is a diverse country culture wise (with a very english caribbean flavour to it in the east coast; spanish everywhere else) but small enough that one can hit several different geographical areas in a short period of time. Thanks for the generous give away(s)!.

    • we lived in costa rica for about 6 weeks before we got married. we spent the first bit working on an ambulance, and then we traveled all over the country–it is one of the most amazing places on earth. everything you said is true–we really love it there.

  6. That pink eyelet material is gorgeous-Andrea ‘s comment brought back wonderful memories of hiking and surfing in costa rica in what feels like a lifetime ago. These days the best holidays are on the north Cornish coast here in the uk or meandering round Brocante fairs and campsites in the south of France.

  7. The eyelets are awesome – I seem to live in an eyelet black hole, none to be found anywhere. We often go to a lovely little town in the mountains where there is mountain biking for the hubby, hiking for me and a brewery for both of us :)

  8. Ooh, how pretty! I can’t even pick my favorite vacation spot. My favorite recent vacation was Kauai. But there are so many amazing places in Japan too!

  9. Love those eyelets, especially the green one which would be perfect for a skirt.
    There are so many places I love to go to on vacation, but the places I like best are in Spain.

  10. i love to go hiking or skiing in north Sweden and Norway, I think Norway is my favorite, it’s just stunning every wear. We are going down to the south of Sweden in a few weeks to visit some friend and my husbands sister and her family, and I think that is the best vacation to meet some one ypu love but don’t get to see very often.

  11. Eyelets from India…that is seriously amazing and generous of you!

    My favourite vacation place is definitely Bali from our honeymoon. It’s so beautiful and the people are so lovely!

  12. Its been awhile since I visited your blog, sorry about that. I just had a browse b/c you mentioned not sewing for your kids anymore, why? You’re outfits for them are always so stylish and comfortable looking. I like what you have been sewing for yourself though too, I’ve been wanting to start sewing for myself as well but just haven’t gotten in there yet to do it but I had a clean of my closet and I told my husband I felt like getting rid of everything in there and starting over. He thought I was crazy but seriously some of my items are over 20 years old – yikes! I’m impressed that you can get rid of some of your fabrics – I need that cleaning bug in me:) I love that pink eyelet fabric. I live in Perth and our favorite vacation spot for our family is a seaside town in Western Australia called Dunsborough. (sorry for the long comment 😉 )

    • hi nancy, welcome back! no need to apologize for being away–i fall off my blogs all the time because life happens. i mostly stopped sewing for my kids because it didn’t feel rewarding. my daughter almost categorically refuses to wear anything i make. my son does wear what i make him, and likes it, but they both have so many clothes, it didn’t seem worthwhile. i busied myself with other projects. and, i’ve been getting increasingly interested in women’s wear, so focusing more time on that. running a shop now, i also have to pay attention to what people buy, and people don’t seem interested in buying the kind of clothing i make for children, so i’m going to give adult clothing a go. how’s that for an explanation?!

      i do not think it’s crazy to want to start your closet over. you should check out the wardrobe architect series on the coletterie. very interesting! i am not a clean person, but i hate clutter. i throw EVERYTHING away; i’m the opposite of a hoarder. i think it’s actually quite common to have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. it’s an interesting exercise to figure out why and how to change that!

  13. Hi,

    Beautiful fabrics!

    I wonder if you know the brand and name of the fabric in your second picture. The one with red, blue and white floral print (Second from the right). It’s my favorite fabric, I just ran out and want to get more.



    • hi ck,
      i don’t know the name, unfortunately, but i can tell you i got it from joann fabric (a keepsake calico print). typically those are produced specifically for joann. i bought it a year ago, and while i have seen it since, i haven’t looked for it recently. i have had the frustrating experience of those prints getting discontinued before, so if you see it, stock up!

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