hi everyone,

this is more of an announcement than a post, and for those of you following on instagram or facebook, this is old news!  however, i wanted to take a moment to make an official announcement to the rest of you, and as an archive of this monstrous endeavor.  i have officially opened an etsy shop!  yeah!  come see it!

i know that might have been anticlimactic for some of you as anyone can open an etsy shop and thousands have, but for me, this is the culmination of a very long term goal.  in fact, the art fair was merely a stepping stone, a firm deadline to get me to produce enough inventory that i could stock an online shop.  i plan to write a more comprehensive post about the journey to opening this shop, mohr studio, including a recap of art fair, but i have been sitting in front of a computer for so many hours to get my shop functional and presentable that i really must get back to making!


this idea was hatched long ago, but began accumulating some serious thought about six months ago.  never one to dive in head first, a tremendous amount of planning, research, reading, education, mission, vision, values, branding, and as you know quite well, making, has been funneled into this project since that time, and continues now.  countless hours of work, sacrifice, and support have come from so many who will receive more adequate thanks in the near future.  thank you, all of you, for supporting me all the time, even if you didn’t know exactly what i was up to.


i have spent the last couple of days trying to promote myself on various forms of social media, including a 10% discount (MERRYMOHR) on the whole shop through the new year.  i know many of you read precisely because you like making things yourself, and can easily whip up any of the selections i have to offer.  but, while the self promotion makes me incredibly uncomfortable and i’m terrible at it, i figure if anyone deserves a discount, it’s you guys, who voluntarily listen to me blather on roughly once a week.  even if you don’t want a darn thing, if you change your mind, at least you get a bargain!


i’ve got to get back to the sewing machine, but it would mean so much to me if you hop on over to check out the shop, including good quality photos of all the blurry stuff i’ve been posting here the last few months!  i would love your feedback, comments, and suggestions as usual–how does it look?  what can i change to make it more appealing to customers?  as a buyer, what other products would you like to see?  etc.  you can also read more about my journey to etsy on my bio page there, including the meaning behind the name “mohr studio.”

until next time, good luck in your holiday planning/making/hosting/travels!  i will be back when things settle down a bit…so many projects on my list and i’m not even thinking about christmas yet.  thank you again!

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  1. so excited and happy for you – congratulations! Having just opened up my own Etsy shop, coincidentally, last month, I totally get how much blood, sweat and tears go into doing so. And then the pricing! I think I changed my prices three times from the initial post:) Your product looks great – love your aesthetic!

  2. very lovely, ashley. wishing you the best. and, yaknow, when your business is large enough that you need another employee, you know who to hire. (ahem, me!)

    • thank you, andrea! i was just doing my books tonight, and it appears that right now, my business is about to bankrupt me. hiring an employee is thus not an immediate possibility, but you’re at the top of my list (obvi). your knitting is getting quite impressive, btw.

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