well, here it is guys.  the whole ensemble.  are you dying of cute?  do you understand why i almost suffocate him daily and he has to fight me off?  will you stand behind me if i do unintentionally smother him?  this is my evidence.  i couldn’t help it.  could you?  soak it in, because there might never be another photo of the whole thing on at once.  this took a LOT of cookies.IMG_3176

anyway, the outfit turned out truly exactly as i’d envisioned it.  you read about the shirt and tie already–the tux itself is made from robert kaufman stretch linen in black.  it has a decent weight to it and the color is neat–black and white fibers woven together.  it has just a hint of stretch that i thought would make it more comfortable, and hopefully less wrinkly–seemed to be the case after i prewashed it, at least. the lining is boys toys cameras in grey, which JUST went on sale *after* i bought it…IMG_3171  i have made more than my share of lined children’s coats now, but this pattern seemed to have the most professional construction.  the sleeves were set in whole vs. flat (and have an upper and lower portion, which i’ve never seen before), it has a button placket on the inside (which i forgot to photograph), and welt pockets.  regardless of those details, it comes together fairly easily and quickly, and fits well.  IMG_3169anyway, i’m really happy with how the whole thing turned out!  bean is the flower girl in the wedding and had a dress already set aside for her, so it was a lot of fun to put all my time and effort into a really special outfit for this guy.  he’s so stylin and so dang cute, he really does deserve it.  in 24 hours we’ll be well on our way back to the midwest!  i will try to pop in later with some last minute sweatshirts i cranked out for the trip.

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  1. Oh my God, woman… my head is spinning from all the crazy sewing you have been doing! ‘Mr. Reese’ looks absolutely dashing! No I can’t blame you for smothering him to death. 😉 Have a safe trip and we’ll catch up when you get back.


  2. It’s fantastic and yes he is adorable!! I have this pattern too but just haven’t had an occasion yet to sew it, might just have to do it regardless as I’ve seen and heard so many wonderful things about this pattern.

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