i jumped on the peplum craze full force in the last couple of weeks, which can only mean it’s probably on the way out since i tend to be behind the times (to put it mildly).  anyway, i think they’re cute, and it turns out they’re fairly easy to make.  i ordered quite a bit of this striped jersey from girl charlee awhile back thinking it was something else.  i’m not crazy about it, but it’s very thin, incredibly soft, and i’ll never let stripes go to waste, so it seemed a perfect medium for some peplum experimentation.


basically, i cut the bodice of a basic tank shape in four pieces on the bias, so all the seams would meet in v’s.  i planned to make a rectangle skirt and maybe attach it with an elastic waist, but i couldn’t decide on an orientation for the stripes, so i made a circle skirt instead so the stripes would go in all different directions.  i just serged all the seams–no elastic–so the entire shirt took 30 minutes from cutting to what you see above.


as you know, i am the first one to leave jersey unfinished at the hemlines.  it’s almost necessary to keep it low maintenance.  when you introduce seam finishes in jersey, suddenly things tend to get complicated.  but, i had bought some fold over elastic specifically for this shirt, and i was very excited to just pop it on in a few minutes and have perfectly finished edges.  what i got were horrible, wavy, puckered, unwearable edges.  i think the elastic was too heavy for the tissuey knit.  i started at the collar, and after trying to pick the seam for about 10 seconds, it became clear i would have to just chop it off.  i do a lot of chopping of hems that go awry, so i like to leave myself a little extra fabric, but i had been so confident in this elastic!  so, now the shirt is completely unfinished, and the neckline a bit more scooped than intended…alas.  did i still wear it?  oh yes i did.  uoftpeplum

admittedly, the top would look better with fitted jeans, but austin is hot hot hot…over 100 degrees and humid!  blech.  linen shorts were the best i could do to survive a stroll around the lovely university of texas campus.  austin is a beautiful city with a ton of character, and i love any urban area that includes a lot of green space.  we came upon this beautiful walkway in our travels (a hop skip and a jump from a fabulous beer garden/bakery–gotta love austin) and i thought it would be a neat place to snap some pics.


i noticed the distinct smell of excrement when i walked into the tunnel, and figured it was an “under the bridge downtown, is where i drew some blood” situation as it tends to happen in urban areas.  peplumbridge

then i heard a high pitched chirping that was not quite birdlike.  then i remembered i was in bat town, where bats apparently love to congregate under bridges by the thousands.  and here is my face when i realize that what i’m hearing is in fact a large colony of bats and that i’m not smelling human urine, but am standing in a collection of bat guano.

IMG_2704nice pictures though.  there will be another (totally different) peplum forthcoming!

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  1. I love the way all the stripes dance around in this peplum! I made one very similarly recently and I wear it all the time. I have never tried FOE before but have read all about how wonderful it is (maybe it will be perfect for your next project). And your last pics (by the bat bridge) are so pretty….too bad the smell wasn’t the same!

    • stripes are the best! they are so pleasing to the eye, and so many ways to manipulate them. i really have to give the foe another shot, but maybe i can find a lighter variation that’s more pliable, or i’ll have to use it on a sturdier knit. austin is beautiful! but full of bats. and bat guano.

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