happy labor day!  i hope you’re all enjoying a restful long weekend, or just regular weekend if you’re not a labor day celebrator.  i was just organizing my photos and realized i have to pick up my project sharing a bit or i’m going to get really behind.  so, first and foremost, i wanted to show you a few more in the lineup of my goldie locks tank making spree, because i said i would:


indiagrainline1here are two more grainline tiny pocket tanks!  after my fit issues with the splitback tank, i cut the basic pattern (a size down) to start from scratch.  typically, i’d move on to the next item in the queue, but it just so happened my mom recently paid me a visit armed with some rather generous scraps of silks and cottons from india.  i’ve referred to my india stash before…my mom has been to india once since i’ve gotten really into sewing, and i had her running all over that subcontinent collecting fabric at every opportunity.  she did a great job on the hunt, but wouldn’t you know that the fabric i love the most is probably the remnant of some decades-old home decor project?  i saw these two prints and i couldn’t wait to make them into something for myself.  they were so “me.”indiagrainline

i had just enough to cut one tank from each print and not a smidge more.  no print matching, no eponymous tiny pockets to be had.  this did permit more contrast binding though…still enamored with that.


i still wasn’t thrilled with the fit of the tank.  the arm and neck holes were much better, no bra straps showing.  i also moved the darts down by 0.25″ and shortened them 0.5″, so the top of the tank is fitting pretty well now.  however, the angled sided seams just look unflattering on me for some reason…they flare out between the armpit and waist.  i thought maybe the tank was too short, but i lengthened the floral print tank by 2″ and i thought it looked even more tenty.  i think i have the size right now, but actually redrafted the pattern again with a bit of fabric taken out at the side seams and straightening those up a bit, but haven’t cut one yet.  anyhow, i do wear these two all the time.  very comfortable and unfussy, and the light cotton is perfect for our late summer heat.  generally, fabric that can fly in india seems to handle our desert summers quite well.


my whole crafting routine is a little on its head with art fair product development (still in that stage…nothing high yield yet…), but as a break from developing different purse and clutch patterns, i’ve been doing a little clothing design as well, which helps exercise my creativity a bit amid the more mundane.  i have a few (wearable!) items already completed, and am hoping to polish off two more before i head off to austin and nyc later this week with a handmade wardrobe!  i’m planning to use some of my mandated sew-free time to get caught up on posting and possibly do some blog renovations as well.  stay tuned!

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  1. these are both so lovely! Good for you for sticking with the pattern until you get it EXACTLY how you want it . . . though to my eye they already look pretty wonderful. I especially love that floral print!

    • thanks, lucinda! oh, it’s such a basic pattern, all the little tweaks are pretty minor. however, even in their not-so-perfect state, i wear these shirts a lot and they feel great!

  2. I love them! And my mom is headed to India next month on a business trip. She said she would pick up some fabric for me on this trip. Does your mom have any advice on where I should send her for the best fabric finds? (I think she is headed to New Delhi)

    • i’m sure my mom will have some pointers! i will ask her for suggestions and email you. she spends quite a bit of time in india and actually loves fabric shopping herself. she should have some spots in the new delhi area as she travels there often.

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