i managed to *just* get my craft room organized enough to resume sewing for a bit.  i tend to get so involved in any given project that i quickly need a break with another project, so back to sewing it was.  mostly, as intended, it’s been sewing for me…but with all the scraps, i just couldn’t resist a little matchy matchy action.  so, bean and i are both getting a new summer wardrobe.

both shirts are made with rae’s flashback skinny tee pattern, a personal favorite.  the blue arrow shirt for reese (made with freezer paper stencils) was made with my new serger (!), and without finishing the collar, sleeves or hems, i think it actually took under 5 minutes to make it.  maybe 8 including cutting the stencils.  i actually cut the shirt during spring kcw, and if i didn’t make it soon, he was going to outgrow it.

the tribal tank for bean is made of scraps from a dress i recently made for myself (yet to be blogged, and now we will have to model them together, no?).  i love this fabric (both the tribal pattern and blue jersey from girl charlee).  i also ran this through the serger and didn’t finish any of the raw edges.  gotta love that jersey.  i used the skinny tee pattern and just left off the sleeves, and flared the body a bit from the armpit to the hem, which i lengthened and curved ever so slightly (a la wiksten).  and a little pocket…why the heck not?  i know, you barely even noticed it, because i did such a sweet job lining up the prints.

anyhow, before bedtime tonight i have to finish my birthday dress since i intend to wear it for an early birthday dinner tomorrow!  remember, it’s my birthday *week*.  i get a week this year.  i spent at least an hour last night fiddling with the bust darts (but beer and phil collins were involved, so that may or may not have prolonged the process), so hopefully it’s a quick sew from here on out.

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  1. I love these! So hip. When your kids come back and crash your boozy Phil Collins party, we should have a t-shirt (cape tee!) freezer paper, fabric paint/dye get together and have some all-ages messy fun! I have some supplies. Phil can come too 😉

    Happy birthday week!

    • teri, i knew you were going to appreciate my beer+phil collins sewing party of one. an adult sewing date with you was totally on my agenda for the kid free time, but all of a sudden the end is upon me. however, i love the idea of the t-shirt party! YES! paint! dyes! messy messy messy! can’t wait.

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