i realize i’m crashing my own party here, but while i’ve been doing a lot of posting this week, there hasn’t been a ton of sewing.  i’m actually in the middle of a fairly significant quilting project, and with all the mind numbing meditative cutting and measuring, i was itching to just sew something quick and satisfying.  i have a couple of cut projects out in my craft room for emergencies such as these, and a day or two ago, picked up the remainder of the totally luscious jersey stripe i used for this shirt.


i had hoped to have enough leftover to make something for myself…like a full length robe, or a set of sheets, so i could wrap my body in it forever.  unfortunately, all i could squeeze out of the remainder was a skirt for bean, which i cut out weeks ago from this *free* figgy’s pattern.  everyone ought to know how to draft a good circle skirt, no?  doesn’t it look FUN?!


anyway, over the past week i’ve been desperately trying to hunt down my old order from girl charlee to figure out what the fabric was so i can order more to mummify myself, and maybe also make myself an equally awesome skirt as this one.  after scanning through their expansive selection of striped knits, i concluded they must no longer carry it.  happily, when i contacted customer service, i learned that it just looks different in person, and is still fully stocked.


as i was scouring their website and blog, i read about skirt week 2013, which ends its two week run in just a few short hours.  and imagine that, i just made a skirt.  the action shot setting on my new camera that takes roughly 800 photos/second did make it hard to choose just one to post in the flickr pool (above are some outtakes), but luckily i have a blog where i can dump a gratuitous amount of very similar looking photos.

this isn’t the one i used for the flickr pool, but i think it’s my favorite.  just makes me think of summer.


anyhow, tomorrow we will return to regular programming with a few more geraniums–maybe this was a welcome break.  until then…IMG_0681

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    • thanks for visiting, van! girl charlee is my number one source for knits. love this fabric in particular and will next be making it into a skirt for myself :)

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