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welcome to geranium week, 2013!  this is a personal series i’m running, party of one, to showcase this awesome, versatile pattern.  if you’re a children’s clothing aficionado and/or read this blog, it’s highly unlikely this is the first you’re hearing of it, but in case you’d like to get some info directly from the source, you can read about it/purchase it from the talented rae here.  also, do you like my sweet, off center graphic above that i made in 5 minutes because i thought this post was too text heavy?  i like to look at it and tell myself that one day in the near future, i will scoff nostalgically at my graphic design ineptitude.  but really, it probably won’t get much better than this folks.  so perhaps i should stick to sewing.  

it’s a fabulous pattern–simple yet carefully and solidly crafted so that you can produce a quality garment in only a few hours that stands up to vigorous toddler play.  the instructions are superb, and you can find additional tutorials (i will link to them in coming posts) to modify the pattern throughout rae’s blog.  it fits bean perfectly, and i’m stoked to have a good basic bodice pattern in my arsenal now, with many plans to adapt it for non-geranium tops for her in the future.


anyhow, i bought the pattern several months ago, and have made so many versions since, geranium in one form or another basically makes up bean’s entire spring/summer wardrobe.  they accumulated so quickly, i hardly had a chance to blog about them (though you might remember this one from kcw (below), or this one for my niece rosa (above)).  for weeks i’ve been meaning to just sit down and finally clean out the virtual closet of geraniums once and for all, but that meant a fair amount of photo editing and writing.  well, it’s done folks.  you can stop holding your breath.  geranium week 2013 is here!


so, every day for the next six days (i told you, i have made a LOT of these), i will feature one of bean’s geraniums.  posts will be brief (i’m telling myself) with just a couple of photos, and any pertinent information about construction.  actually, it’s beginning to read like a comedy of errors…in a way only i can accomplish, i managed to botch some part of every single one after making the first one perfectly.  anyhow, this is much more a reflection of my attention span than the pattern itself, and hopefully you’ll be able to learn from my mistakes–though you probably wouldn’t make most of them to begin with!

without further ado, here is geranium #1, the easter geranium:tickinggeranium

you’re probably already aware of my passion for stripes, and recently saw the other half of this blue ticking yardage put to use here.  this was my inaugural geranium, and as i said, it went off totally without a hitch.  it is the shirt version with a notch collar, gathered skirt, flutter sleeves, and patch pockets.  the bodice is cut on the bias for some visual stimulation and to make aligning the stripes unnecessary.

DSC04881 this had the unintended but cool effect of this angled stripe configuration in the back…the only very minor i made in construction was a slightly misplaced top button (why is that so hard for me, still?), but that actually led the v’s to line up perfectly, so let’s pretend it was on purpose.

DSC04865bean wore this waaaaaay back for our first annual neighborhood easter egg hunt, which was exceptionally adorable.  living in a high rise in chicago was like living in a war bunker…until this year, the kids had never really experienced holiday traditions like this, or trick or treating, etc.  and neither of them have ever heard the word “disney,” but i’ll keep them reasonably in the dark on pop culture as long as i possibly can.  and they’ll look darn cute anyway.

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  1. With such a versatile pattern and your creativity, I can’t wait to see what you make throughout the week! This is sooo cute, Ash… I love ticking fabric and how you angled to top is perfect.

    Good job on the graphic. Eh… a little off center, but not bad for 5 minutes!

    YAY for geraniums!

    • eh, i wouldn’t say i really challenged my creativity with these…just pumped them out over the last few months to be workhorses of bean’s wardrobe with fabric i already had at home. my graphic however, *that* challenged my creativity 😉

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