update 5/20/14:  hi friends, i am sorry the links provided in this post are no longer functioning.  i am thrilled so many of you have continued interest in the pattern.  please direct your requests to the pattern’s author, the wonderful venus (formerly of suburbia soup), and she will be happy to assist you.  thanks!  venusperez1@mac.com

if i had a little trumpet, i would blow it right now.  i pondered for a full minute how to type out a trumpet noise, but i couldn’t figure it out.  anyway, [trumpet noise] i’m *so* excited to tell you all about this awesomeness:

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 9.51.59 PM

you might recognize lala, pictured above, as the adorable daughter of my bbff (that’s blogging best friend forever) venus over at suburbia soup.  venus is a whiz behind the sewing machine and an incredibly talented artist in other mediums as well (e.g. these amazing portrait plates of her three daughters!).  her blog is full of inspiration for all kinds of projects, especially unique, colorful, modern children’s clothing.

on top of her many talents, she also happens to be exceptionally warm, friendly, and generous.  any question i have about sewing, from basic technique clarification to pattern design (as in, i have this idea, can you make it into a pattern for me?), she is right there to go above and beyond the call.  for months, i’ve been haranguing her about making patterns for everyone to enjoy, but she’s been otherwise occupied.  well friends, the wait is over.  TRUMPET NOISE!

just as i was leaving for chicago a few weeks ago, venus asked if i’d be willing to test an early version of these harem pants for her.  you don’t have to ask me twice!  the pattern was in very early stages at the time, and even without instructions, it was a total cinch to follow.  i whipped out a quick pair as i was packing, wrangled reese into them, and snapped a few quick shots:

harempantsunfortunately, the linen i used was a bit thick for the project (light wovens like quilting cotton would be perfect!) in terms of drape, but they make a super comfy pant that sew up in a hurry. reese wore them all day, and he’s quite particular about his clothing.  the ample space in the crotch makes these perfect for diapered tots–even cloth diapers that i know can be tough to fit, and the pattern runs from 18mos-4T!

i mentioned venus is very generous…she’s written a beautiful, professional quality pattern with an incredibly detailed photo tutorial and is offering it FREE.  seriously, you will open it and not believe you didn’t pay for it.  i am a big purchaser of digital patterns, and the quality of this product far exceeds what i have eagerly doled cash out for.  in this way, venus exemplifies two common qualities of craft bloggers–inspiring others to create, and perfectionism.  i know she has busted her butt on this pattern for everyone to enjoy, so please, take advantage!

you can read more about the pattern (and see pictures of versions much cuter than mine) on her blog.  she’s even got another variation in the works, and a flickr pool sure to fill up with many cute adaptations of this versatile pattern.  enjoy!

15 Comments on “you call it pants” by suburbia soup–free pattern!!

  1. Hi,
    I would love a pattern for the “call it pants” I think my grandson would look fabulous in them!
    What sizes does the pattern go up to?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind regards, Trish

    • hi shara, unfortunately the creator of the pattern is currently having technical difficulties with her site! i will email you a pdf and am happy to do the same for anyone seeking the pattern over the next few days until suburbia soup is back up and running.

  2. Loving these hammer pants!! Perfect for my boy- but suburbia soup is still down- has been for a while, stumbled across everythingelsewedo looking for another way in. Can you email me the PDF too??

    Thank you so much- looking forward to making some for winter

    • hi michelle,
      yes, venus is having some trouble with her server! she is working on getting the site back up and running. in the meantime, i can surely email you the pattern–sending it right now. enjoy :)

  3. Was wondering if we are able to sell these? I was just a small handmade business only been active for a couple of months. Any special permission needed. Your earliest response will be appreciated

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