may i present to you project one, some basic tees and shorts to kick off the summer (it’s in the mid 80s daily here!).  both tees come from one of the most flexible, and thus, essential patterns a mom seamstress can own, the flashback skinny tee from rae.  i hardly need to sing the praises of this pattern and imagine these will join a legion of hundreds more this week (i myself have a few more cut).  fast, thorough, easy, indispensable.  what rae’s patterns are known for!


i do love to cut up old tee shirts, but these are made from some super soft jersey i ordered from girl charlee.  if you, like the rest of the free world, struggles to find adequate selection of knits in your local fabric store, i’d encourage you to check this site out.  tons of selection at prices i really still can’t believe.  $5/yard.  seriously.  which means that these shirts (and another i cut from the yard) were roughly $2 each.  that’s a bargain even for a cheapskate like myself.  they will ding you a bit on the shipping (i think it was a $12 flat rate), so save up your knit needs and order a lot at once.

given it is jersey, i elected to pull and tug on the sleeves, hems and necks rather than finish them in any way (which takes time, and often looks messy without a serger).  we’ll see how they look after a run through the wash, but for now, they do fine by me.  girl charlee sent me a couple of cute fabric swatches with my order, two of which became bright, happy little pockets here.  there is always a place for bright, happy little pockets on children’s clothing.  reese’s shirt follows the pattern exactly (but for finishing), and bean’s has the slight modifications of puff sleeves and a more dress-like shape.  obviously, the fit and fabric is perfect for romping around in our increasingly warm weather.


reese’s shorts were the christening cut of my precious, airy shot cotton.  let me tell you, we should all be so lucky to be wrapped in a cocoon of shot cotton and jersey on a summer’s day.  divine.  i used the pants pattern i drafted during celebrate the boy (that post has a lot of resources on how to draft pants, place pockets, etc), and just chopped a few inches off (literally chopped, did not measure).  basic kid pants are the ultimate sewing indulgence, so fast and simple, so adding a couple embellishments really gussies them up without adding too much time.  a little topstitching on the pockets, a few pintucks (never made these, and now i am in love…you just iron a crease and edge stitch next to it…awesome), and all of a sudden you have some super cute little shorts!  perfect for summer, and kid approved (he was severely crabbed out after waking up until he saw these and hasn’t since taken them off–hence the wrinkles in the pics).


and now, back to sewing!  are you all sewing?  go sew something!

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  1. Can’t remember how I stumbled upon your blog but so glad I did! Love everything about this post. Flashback tee, pintucks, Girl Charlee (what a GREAT idea for using the swatches), and refusing to hem knits…. You’re my kind of gal!

    • abby, i’m so glad you found me, however that happened! welcome! you can definitely count on me for loooooow maintenance. people can’t believe my children are moderately well dressed based on my general daily appearance. i hope you visit again!

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