for as long as i can remember, i have loved the humble egg.  at different times considered the paradigm or the enemy of perfect nutrition, i have never wavered in my appreciation for this perfect food (except the year i was vegan, during which i missed them every day).  responsibly sourced eggs were hard to come by in chicago (and quite costly), so eggs were more of a treat.  here in davis, many people just flat out keep their own chickens, so fresh eggs are always within reach.  fried, scrambled, poached and meringued, i’ve rarely met an egg i didn’t adore.  it’s among the first foods i learned to cook for myself, and from childhood to present, my daily breakfast consists of two eggs, toast and tea.


with all of the dyeing, painting, coloring and shrink wrapping these beauties endure in the spirit of this holiday, i know many families wake up easter morning dreading the volume of egg salad that will undoubtedly ensue.  not i.  while two eggs will more than satisfy in any other form, somehow, i could probably eat a dozen eggs in salad form without getting feeling sated.  and so, i arose this morning eager to deviate from my regular scramble or fry in favor of a tasty egg salad.

unfortunately, i was greeted by a particularly barren fridge.  i had the basic mayo and mustard, but not a fresh herb to speak of.  while i’m certainly not above a totally unadorned egg salad, i often treat scenarios like these as though i’m on a food network cook off.  examining my very limited options (condiments and half a lonely red onion), i decided to spike my basic egg salad with sriracha and add some texture and flavor with some quick pickled red onions.  i like a traditional chives and dill version as much as the next person, but not surprisingly, considering the delicious main ingredient, this was quite tasty.  the title of the dish might fluster you sticklers for tradition, but surely i’m not the first to add a splash of hot sauce to eggs, and i know some people who mix relish right into their egg salad.  so, if you too are searching for ways to use up a surplus of hard boiled eggs and have the ingredients laying around, give this a try.


egg salad is particularly customizable to taste, so i will offer my guidelines below, but keep in mind that less is more–you can always add more of the ingredients, but you can’t take them away!  i will say that by using dijon mustard, i’ve never found my egg salad needing added salt.

ingredients (serves 2 adults)

  • 6 hardboiled eggs
  • small red onion/shallot
  • vinegar (red wine or apple cider are both nice)
  • sugar
  • mayo
  • dijon mustard


  • finely dice 1/4 c of red onion, place in a small bowl, pour enough vinegar on top to cover and stir in a scant tablespoon of sugar.  set aside.
  • cut eggs in half, remove yolks from three of them (this is personal preference to cut some of the fat, but yolks are wonderful for flavor, texture, and nutrition).  dice.
  • transfer diced eggs to large bowl, add 1.5 tablespoons mayo and 1 teaspoon dijon mustard and mix together evenly, mashing the eggs a little as you go.
  • add a few dashes sriracha (any hot sauce will do) according to your preferences, mix.
  • by now, your onions are pickled!  add them in, one tablespoon at a time, again according to your own taste.
  • our fridge was sparse in terms of sandwich fixins, but you can’t go wrong serving this on some toasted whole grain bread…wrapping in lettuce, cabbage, or chard leaves is also tasty.DSC04839   happy easter, and happy egg salad day!

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