DSC04534it’s true what they say–jeans go with everything.  however, for kids and even for adults, i think they can sometimes be a little stiff and unforgiving (i’m a big fan of the marriage of spandex and denim that has gained popularity over the past few years).  a big button and zipper right in the middle of that squishy little belly seems a bit harsh.  you can pick up really soft, light denim fabric from joann’s, and while you lose some durability, you gain a lot of comfort and breathability.  i think it’s a fair exchange, especially as we head into spring and summer!

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i made a similar pair for reese in the early fall during kcwc, and they immediately became his wardrobe staple.  he wore them several times a week for months, so much that the bottoms of the cuffs are totally worn out, and they’ve grown much too short.  you know by now how much i enjoy sewing boy pants, so, replacing the flagship pair was an easy decision.  also, it occurred to me just this morning that perhaps i should take photos in a well lit area of my house by creating a light backdrop, rather than waiting for (and usually missing) the 15 minute window of light on top of a white bookshelf that i usually use.  as you can see, this lightbulb went on only after my by had properly romped and wrinkled these pants, just as he should.


DSC04656not too much to say about these…i used the same pattern i drafted for all the previous pants, and added plenty of pockets (with plenty of topstitching) for collecting treasures.  this is the first time i’ve put pockets on the front and back of pants, and in my haste to finish them off, i put the elastic in the front, making them flat backed pants.  an interesting look, but not quite what i was going for.  so, more seam ripping for me.


i might have to try planning and sketching more often in preparation for a big sew along!  it has allowed me to stay organized and not feel overwhelmed or rushed to figure out new projects.  and, like all nurses, i love to check off boxes.  i have two more projects to go, one of which is cut and waiting on the floor and may or may not include a new (for me) technique, the other which i have in parenthesis even in my sketchbook–not sure i want to go to the trouble, but if i find the time, it should be messy and fun.  how are your boy wardrobes expanding?

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  1. believe me when i tell you, i have no clue how to draft a pattern, even as easy as pants. anything involving the upper body leads to total disaster, and i had many pants casualties before i found rae’s tutorial on petite purls (a knitting quarterly, of all places!). did you see the link on my pants post? it really helped me, since i don’t understand body proportions in sewing at ALL.

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