reese Collage i was enjoying a leisurely recovery from the party that took over our life for the past month and a half.  i had just finally picked up my collette sewing handbook, which i’d not laid eyes on since early december, to perhaps learn how to sew something for myself.  but approximately 36 hours into this rest period, i received a friendly tip from my long distance partner in crafting crime, alyssa, that a new sew-along was slated to begin in just a week’s time. 

as a frequent reader of both rae and dana, i was familiar with celebrate the boy, but hadn’t paid enough attention as a new seamstress to notice its hiatus over the past few seasons, or its planned return.  as a mom to one little man, i’m as privy as the next boy’s mama that sewing patterns for boys are truly lacking compared to girls.  while i have made things for my boy here and there, i do find it challenging to create for him, particularly because i’m constantly bombarded with ideas and inspiration for his big sister.

this is particularly unjust for two prominent reasons, first, the clothes i have made for reese (unlike his sister) get a ton of wear.  like, every day kind of wear.  just over the past few weeks, i’ve begun to notice his winter pants becoming threadbare or preparing themselves for a flood.  second, he is a major, major fashionisto.  long before the age where his sister ever expressed any interest, reese fully takes the reins on his daily outfits, and believe me, they are carefully executed.  he covers the major surface area first, with a top and bottom (sometimes two bottoms), then meticulously undoes his tiny little sock pairs to choose what appear to be two mismatched socks, but to him clearly go together perfectly.  the outfit is always completed with a necklace, and occasionally a bow or ponytail (or three).  if any member of this family lives for fashion and makes it a daily priority, it’s the little guy.

and, on a slightly  mushier level, i am very, very fond of this child.  his sister is all kinds of precocious, adorable, exceptional and my little best friend, yes. but this little boy is truly something magical.  he has been supremely laid back since in utero (i used to call him the tao baby because he always goes with the flow), is both very cute and unusually beautiful; a pensive, intelligent, self sufficient, affectionate, sensitive, goofy little rascal.  he cracks us up multiple times a day.  that he will sit at the piano and accompany himself as he sings a better part of the sound of music soundtrack is merely a bonus.  it’s hard to explain it if you haven’t met him, but everyone, and i mean EVERYONE who does instantly falls in love with him.  to say that he and i are deeply bonded would be a major understatement.  so, the opportunity to focus on him exclusively and amp up his wardrobe with some lovingly handcrafted items that i know he will both use and appreciate seems like a splendid way to spend several crafting days.


i know it will pain non californians to read this, but although it’s february, revamping my boy’s wardrobe will actually include a lot of spring and summer attire.  i have already done some brainstorming and sketching, and have a lot of projects planned for the next couple of weeks.  just look at all this boy worthy fabric!  don’t you want to know what it’s going to become?  i do, too.  you can expect frequent, shorter posts showcasing different patterns and techniques, and of course, gratuitous toddler photo shoots.  stay tuned to see the adventures (and misadventures) in store as i celebrate my boy!

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